Al Capone-- famous gangster in the 1920's. The most gangster organizations were in Chicago.

-- nickname Scarface

-- Capone was a criminal that avoided jail by buying out the police and city officials.

-- movie made about his life titled "Scarface"

-- was finally arrested for tax evasion and was sent to prison.


Prohibition-- the Volstead Act banned alcohol although most states ignored the law.

--bootleggers- people who transported illegal alcohol to different cities

--speakeasies- illegal bars in cities that bought alcohol from bootleggers. You had to be a member to get into the doors which were guarded.


American Heroes-- George Herman "Babe" Ruth- famous baseball player of 1920's

-- known as "the Sultan of Swat"

-- Babe Ruth set records in hitting, pitching, and outfielding that stood for decades.

-- he played for the Boston Red Sox then went to the New York Yankees.


Ameila Earhart-- in 1932 she flew across the Atlantic alone.

-- in 1935 she flew alone from Hawaii to California that many people died trying to do.

-- in 1937 she attempted to fly around the world, she disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.